Blog Backstory: “When I Grow Up, I Want to Work at NASA”

I have always been fascinated by the stars. As a child I collected National Geographic magazines, bugging my parents to buy me every single one that had anything to do with the universe. I especially loved those that had covers of swirling galaxies and countless stars.

Not surprisingly, my dream was to become an astrophysicist and work at NASA.


In high school, our science textbooks featured successful Filipino scientists in every chapter. Early in my first year, I scanned my textbook frantically, flipping from one chapter to another, hopeful and excited to find a kindred spirit. But to my dismay, none of them worked at NASA. That was when it dawned on me that my dream would be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve. I was a only a little girl from a third world country, who trudged through her academic years on scholarship grants. Maybe I was smart enough, but the endeavor would be expensive, and I couldn’t ask that from my parents.

So I abandoned my NASA dream, but not my love for the stars. My father introduced me to the Star Wars novels, and I went crazy over them. While my schoolmates were all about Sweet Valley High, I was engrossed in science fiction, fantasy, mythology and action-adventure books. When the Internet started taking hold in the Philippines, I wasn’t chatting over mIRC as most teens my age were doing; instead, I was lurking in Yahoo! Groups, easing into the world of roleplaying. And writing fanfiction.

It’s been a decade or so since, and here I am. Finally brave enough to start embracing what has been my real dream all along – to be a writer.

You might be thinking: “Wait, what? From a scientist to a writer? That’s such a big leap!”


But it really isn’t. The characteristics of scientists aren’t too different from writers. Scientists are curious, open-minded, keen observers, resourceful, purposeful, good communicators, persistent, creative, critical thinkers and courageous.

So are writers.

I might never travel to Mars, but I sure can write a story about it.

logic vs imagination

What’s this blog for, then?

I’m currently working on a series I’ve come to call Prometheus’ Fire. The story has taken on different forms during the years, and now it’s finally coming together (I literally merged several ideas). But instead of outright publishing the first book, I’m going to start with posting short stories here – hence the name Stories of the Fire. You’ll get glimpses of the world I’ve built, I’ll introduce you to my babies, and you can join in the adventures by leaving feedback and participating in the interactive bits I’ll be putting up every now and then.

I’m excited to start writing the special content, but I’m even more thrilled that I’m officially opening up this universe to all of you.

So please don’t be a stranger, and say hello! I’m glad to have you on board. 😉