Blog Backstory: The Ancient World, Myths, and Filling the Blanks

Got caught up in a whirlwind of offline crazies, so I’ve got no short or snippet to share yet. But just to keep this going, here’s another backstory post. 😉

Running parallel to my fascination with the stars is my fascination for the ancient world and its myths. I started out with Greek mythology, then moved on to Norse and pretty much everything else that has “ancient” stamped on it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert and I don’t have all the gods and goddesses and creatures and history memorized. I’m no archaeologist and I’d probably be too scared to actually explore uncharted territories. But I love seeing old (er, classic?) architecture, I dream of traveling to Stonehenge and Machu Picchu and the Giza Pyramids, I gobble up books about Atlantis and lost civilizations… you get the drift.

Now you know why this project of mine is called Prometheus’ Fire. It was inspired by the myth – how Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. But now you also know I like all sorts of ancient stuff, so will that manifest itself in the course of the project? Absolutely! (In fact, this is like the ultimate fusion of all the stories I’ve ever attempted to write. And, not gonna lie, I want to build a Harry Potter-esque universe, where the stories never end. 😍)

On top of that, I’m the type who likes speculating and reading between the lines and filling in the blanks. I mean, I used to write fanfiction – if only because it allowed me to delve into the obscurities, where I feel countless possibilities lie waiting. I wrote alternate endings, backstories for minor characters, scenes from someone else’s point of view, prequels. And with myths, it’s really not so different.

One last tidbit: in trying to think of a differentiating factor for my project (there are too many stories of the mythological sort out there after all), I decided to sprinkle it with the local flavor. I’m from the Philippines, and I couldn’t resist drawing inspiration from the history and culture that’s all around me. Self-segmenting vampires, anyone?

So there you go. Prometheus’ Fire will be a modern tale with ancient roots. There’ll be myths and superstition and crazy adventures. Interested yet? 😁