Fifteen Minute Reads (Or Less)


I put my hand against the bark. It was warm, like it remembered.

Well, maybe it did.

I was surprised the tree was still alive. After all, I was certain it had been an awfully long time, because nothing here looked, sounded or felt familiar. Something had been unleashed upon the world, a force dark and violent and destructive, and it had warped the terrain into something unrecognizable, almost alien.

Yet in the midst of the wilderness stood this strange tree – strong, tall and beautiful, the only visible living thing for miles around. I could see why it had become the stuff of legend, the people of this age calling it the World Tree.

My fingers found indentations on the bark that felt too geometric to be natural, and I leaned in for a closer look. What I saw took my breath away.

They were numbers.

At first I couldn’t…

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