Fifteen Minute Reads (Or Less)


The last thing Nora imagined to find on the rooftop of their office at nearly midnight was a cute guy.

She’d suspected all along that Luella was some kind of weirdo (although an annoyingly pretty one) with her strange habits and inexplicable contradictions, but she didn’t expect her to be scandalous. Yet there she was with some guy, secretly meeting on a foggy night like star-crossed lovers.

Nora pressed herself up against the nearest wall just as he said, “I came as soon as I could.” She was pretty sure they were hugging, and she felt another pang of envy. For all of Luella’s faults, everyone seemed to like her just fine.

“I called Eli, but they’ve cancelled all flights,” the stranger continued. “We’ll have to do it ourselves.”

His last words suddenly made Nora nervous. So this wasn’t a date?

Even Luella sounded anxious. “Jonas, you know I’ve never…

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